Intercompany Loan

Make Your Intercompany Loan Management Easier With a Few Simple Steps

Intercompany loans, or intra group loans, are loans from one entity to another within the same company. In contrast to managing a company’s financial risk, managing the intercompany loans is all about making sure that the correct costs are transferred to the correct entity. When constructing intercompany loans, it's important to try to make an as correct and simultaneously administratively smooth process as possible. The key? Smarter interest rates and loan arrangements. To make your job a little easier, we’ve put together a guide with a few simple steps you can take to improve your intercompany loan management!

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This guide will help you figure out what you need to do to improve your company’s intercompany loan management while also making it more efficicent – and how a treasury management system can assist you in the process. Download our guide by filling in the form and take the first step towards more efficient intercompany loan management!

  • Read all about why it’s important to connect your intercompany loans’ interest rates to the external debt
  • Learn how to calculate your internal interest rate
  • What does it mean to capitalise the interest rate, and are there any tricks you can use to make your liquidity management more efficient?

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