Improve Your Interest Expense Forecasts With 4 Easy Steps

Inflation has recently reached the highest level in decades. After years of getting used to record-breaking low interest rates, we're faced with a completely new, and for some, terrifying, interest rate situation. This new situation calls for some new and improved interest expense forecasts. To help you out, we've put together a list of 4 steps that will help you improve your interest rate forecasts – making your work easier, too!


Earlier, we mostly used interest expense forecasts for reporting purposes. At this point, interest rate forecasts have become crucial for analyzing and testing how different interest rate cost levels will affect the organization in both the short- and long-term – and how to make the best possible strategic choices needed to manage and minimize the risks.  

This guide will help you take the steps needed to improve your interest rate forecasts, allowing you to better prepare and budget for the future. Download our guide by filling in the form and taking the first step towards better and more reliable interest rate forecasts!

  • Learn how to easily get a neutral assessment of future interest rates

  • Interest Rate Sensitivity Analysis – why is it important?

  • Test your term to maturity options and variable interest rates with the help of strategy tests

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