A Helping Hand in the World of Interest Rate Swaps

We Give You the Tools You Need to Get the Right Price on Your Interest Rate Swaps


Our Treasury Management System is designed to fit all types of real estate companies, regardless of their size or prior knowledge. No matter if you've just heard of interest rate swaps for the first time or if you're a financial expert, Nordkap is equipped with tools that can help you all the way from initial analysis and pricing to reporting your swaps. With Nordkap, you get a better ground for negotiation and insight into the market's pricing so that you can make sure you get a fair price next time you negotiate with the bank.

  • Become an equal negotiation partner when it's time to negotiate the pricing of your interest rate swaps

  • Get a better insight into the interest rate risks and any potential negative effects

  • Get a transparent insight into the interest rate swap market


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